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Hi all, I believe in keeping a Smile always and all of my friends please take this advice.. I am a true Leo- despite of disbelieving the fact for years I've come to this conclusion: As I am an Ambitious & enthusiastic but am prone to laziness and often take "the easy way out." with traits to being exuberant, generous with a natural dramatic flair and very creative. I love my friends and family (you too must) who love me a lot & who are my treasure. "Don't walk in front of me, i may not follow. Don't walk behind me, i may not lead. Walk beside me, be my friend" Enkida(Concordia Discors) Well apart from this there is nothing much to say abt me. Iam an ordinary Gal. I like and want everything to be well planned. I like to make lots of friends. Iam crazy about Painting, Dancing(a qualified Bharatnatyam danseuse) and Reading...

7 Diamonds – Deliverables

Project name – 7 Diamonds Project members – Anuja Chockalingam, Rohit Sureka, Yogesh Mandawewala Project Deliverables: Project Presentation – 7 Diamonds Presentation Project Report- 7 Diamonds Report Project online Interface: Date – 12/7 Location would you prefer – Regular class location in CoA -Anuja   … Continue reading

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Video Game Designer.. What is the outlook for the video game designer? Video games are big business. We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry that has now outgrown many other industries in a very short period of time. Video games are no … Continue reading

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DreamCo Design: Video Game Web Design

1. In the world of web design being different is best. That means that you need to make sure that your video game web design, whether you get it from DreamCo Design or not, is fully customized for you and your … Continue reading

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Game for Change

  Resources: These resources, created by Games for Change and others, help us to define and build the field of social issue games and to share our community’s best practices   -Anuja

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How Influential are Video Games?

“One study reveals that young men who are habitually aggressive may be especially vulnerable to the aggression-enhancing effects of repeated exposure to violent games,” said psychologists Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., and Karen E. Dill, Ph.D. “The other study reveals that … Continue reading

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Inside Virtual Goods – The Future of Social Gaming

Inside Virtual Goods – The Future of Social Gaming By Justin Smith and Charles Hudson 2009 will be remembered as the year that casual gaming stormed social platforms and changed the way millions of people socialized with friends online. With an … Continue reading

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7 Diamonds – Project Idea and Progress Report

Presentation: 7 Diamonds Progress Report: 7 Diamonds-Project Progress Report Thanks & Regards, Anuja Chockalingam

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Common Pros and Cons of Mobile Games

Common Pros and Cons of Mobile Games Pros: Excellent graphics and sound OpenFeint connectivity Simple control for a challenging game Excellent value for low cost of the game Fun little app that helps pass the time Addictive gameplay Easy game … Continue reading

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Top 5 upcoming games 2010

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