The Future of Gaming Consoles

There will be another generation of video game systems that will be made. It will be known as the eighth generation of gaming. Most likely, you can expect the systems to be from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. With those companies, it is likely to see them trying to come up with new ways to make themselves different and be able to be marketed differently than others. In order to think about this, look at some of the potential that could be developed with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

The Xbox 720 would be the hypothetical name for it considering that Xbox went to Xbox 360 to go full circle. It would be a guess that it would go to two full circles thus giving it the name 720. The power that it could possess could be limitless and even have the potential to play not just the 360 games but also the Xbox ones as well. Is there a chance it could have two disc holders with the Xbox one being optional of course? That is a possibility and one that would be interesting to say the least. Microsoft has seen computers with two optical disc drives, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for that to happen.

Sony will be looking to make a rebound so to speak when it comes to its next generation console. It will probably be dubbed the PlayStation 4. Why would that be the name? That has more to do with the fact that the others had been numbered as well following the pattern that has been developed. This one could possibly have two places to place games depending upon compatilbility issues with one drive to make it work all the way back to the PlayStation. There is also the case of a button pushed so that it can be set up to work with PS2 and PS1 games so that it does not affect the other drives. The controllers can be wireless and it will have graphics that could slightly improve but looking at how they are now, it may seem a bit difficult to make it even better.

Nintendo will never put more focus on the graphics than they have in their history. They have been more about the innovation. Perhaps this could be the time to make a modified version of the Virtual Boy, only this time use all the colors and make it work. It would need that Virtual Reality feel with it being in a First Person view. It could be the Wii 2 or some other name. Knowing Nintendo’s pattern when it comes to consoles, they tend to have different names ready.

There is a lot to be said about the future of the next generation in consoles. Only time will tell if all these changes will happen soon. The only that is for sure about it is that there will probably be some systems with graphics improving.

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