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Interesting philosophical games

Hazard: The Journey of Life   and Portal     Aaron and I found these games to be really cool and are using them as inspiration for our own game.   Advertisements

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Game Design for Social Networks

Social Network Games involve the following: symbolic physicality inherent sociability spontaneity asynchronicity As a quick takeaway, here is a framework of design drivers in visual format: Asynchronicity permeates play in social networks: Play takes place in turns, or in individual … Continue reading

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Why are Games Important??

“Health is Wealth” is an old saying. Games are very essential for a good health. Therefore, all young men and women should play games. People who play games regularly can maintain a good health. They can develop a muscular body. … Continue reading

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Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques Google Book Thinkpak, a brainstorming card deck – by Michael Michalko web The Bean Game – trading and politics game Bohnanza Blokus abstract strategy board game – wiki page, and blokus site – voted best game by the … Continue reading

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Design Games

8/24 information, introduction of the class, origami making exercise – everyone can be creative, because everyone can make things! group discussion – name, games, etc. * Homework 1 – create a personal profile page in the Design Games 10 Member which … Continue reading

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