Steam “On to the Holidays” Sale

For those who aren’t aware, Steam is a site/program/service run by the creators of Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress, VALVe. The service includes a program that a player can install on their computer, allowing non-invasive DRM on the company’s games by requiring login to play the games and limiting game sessions to one per account. It’s a great service and often has many sales on a wide variety of games, including indie games and games by other companies, including games such as KOTOR and Call of Duty.

Speaking of sales, Steam is currently running a prepare-for-the-holidays sale through their service, cutting the prices of many games and offering indie game bundles. The current bundle, shown here, includes a game I have personally bought, called Gratuitous Space Battles. It’s a simple game, focused around creating an armada of space ships and letting them loose on an opponent. No backstory, no fluff, just awesome ships and big explosions.

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