Project Gymkhana

We thought of using the technology to make people interested towards fitness. The one thing that uniquely compels a human to challenge his/her limits is competition. Hence we thought of coming up with a game which would involve a certain competition and in the process keep the users involved. We thought of coming up with a I-phone application which will allow people to play a game while working out. This game would keep them involved and further remove the need for them to be geographically at the same location. In case they don’t have a companion to compete with, they could join an online gaming site and search for people with similar needs.


The online version of the game can also be found at:



About vikram3

I am a MS-CS student. My class purpose is to understand the rules and guidelines which goes behind making games. To be able to understand different genres of games and the target audience in mind, it would be interesting to see how these rules and focus areas are tweaked.
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