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Pinball Pittsburgh


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Hot Typer Blind Type

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A Toy a Day

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Midtown Festival of the Arts

It’s this weekend, between 5th and 10th on Peachtree st.

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Cell Phone Disco at Urban Screens Do you know that annoying buzzing sound that comes from stereo speakers when a cellphone rings? That noise in the speakers is interference, and it is audible evidence of the electronic field that emanates from your cell phone. Cell … Continue reading

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Kaneva info

Check out Kaneva‘s newsletter. They have monthly cash $1000 prize for 3D games, and even some 50 year old lady with no scripting experience could make a game.. so if you wanted to do a game in 3D world … Continue reading

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example papers

Here are some papers (of different lengths, 2, 4, 8 pages) that resulted from class projects – please read them so that you can see how you could take a class project and publish it and we can discuss them … Continue reading

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get that Pecha-Kucha coming

brainstorming ideas – Post your Pecha-Kucha slides at the wiki Check out the Pecha-Kucha format by clicking on the menu item above. Please make sure your images are embedded in your file (either ppt or pdf) – by going … Continue reading

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Theo Jansen’s animal

First, a nice commercial about innovation Artist Theo Jansen demonstrates the amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures he builds from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles. His creatures are designed to move — and even survive — on their own Check out his … Continue reading

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Student Center Design Competition

As a part of our Student Center 40th Anniversary, we announced a competition open to all Georgia Tech students to answer the question “If you could have anything you want in your student center, what would it be?” As we develop … Continue reading

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