Gaming Environments

There are a lot of new games within the last couple of years, that have very creative story lines and have extensive hours of game-play.   Not just the game-play but the gaming environment is quite interactive.

The following is a list of some of the games that have very interesting environment settings and captivating game story lines.

One of the earliest games that had an interactive story and a unique gameplay was, a theird person shooter game , Max Payne. The story revolves around a fugitive Cop and his quest to attain salvation . The game-play  is quite unique in the sense that , it allows the user to actually slow down time to shoot at opponents. The time slows down the opponents , but keeps the user in sync which gives a very cool effect to the game This captured millions of audience world wide.

The GTA series , from the creators of Max Payne , Rockstar Games is another very interactive environment. One of the editions of the game “GTA : San Andreas” is also a third person shooter. The environment is actually mocked up to mimic California and Nevada cities and country-side. The buildings and scenes are replicas of real places like Los Angeles , San Francisco, Las Vegas , Fulsome, San Jose . This game allows the user wide variety of behavioral patterns from very aggressive and violent styles to subdued , covert styles of play. The play can roam the environment and interact with vehicles , people. It offers seemingly infinite exploration of environment and side missions apart from the main story line. It remains the most popular third person shooter game in the gamer world.

A new game from BethSoft  , Fallout : New Vegas is another game that would come to mind , if we look at real world mock ups. The game is set in Post Apocalyptic Las Vegas , which after a Nuclear Attack is inhabited by violent zombies and the user has to survive the conditions and prevent extinction of the human race. The game mocks up almost all of Las Vegas to incredible levels of detail and architectural similarity.  It follows from the earlier versions of the game that had almost identical resemblance with Washington DC , where the player could poise as a sniper in , believe it or not, the washington monument .

Games such as these pose an interesting approach not just to immensely creative story lines but also to how real world play and similarity brings a personal touch to the game and gives the user a very realistic feel of the environment. Exploration and side missions give longer game hours and gives a higher level of addiction to the game .

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