Project Idea

My idea for the semester project that I will be working on is relatively simple if a person has experience with one or both of two things:

  1. Played Magic: The Gathering or a similar TCG/CCG and enjoyed it.
  2. Is familiar with the book series The Dresden Files (or possibly even the TV series derivative).

The idea is to make a trading card game where the players play a competitive game against each other using characters and themes of the series The Dresden Files. Part of my interest in such a game is my recent interest in the card game M:TG of late, as well as my love of the book series in question. The author of the series recently okayed a roleplaying game based on his book series, and my vague hope is that, upon completion of the TCG, we could send copies of the game to the author, along with some explanation of the class, and see if he has any interest in taking the idea further.

I have some cemented ideas for mechanics and such to make the game different than its inspiration and not just a “Magic: The Gathering clone,” but I would like some help working on the class project if anybody has any interest. If you do, please get a hold of me at gtg310x at mail dot gatech dot edu.

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